About Us


Fortner Accessory Service Corporation is an FAA Certified Repair Station specializing in the overhaul/repair of Bell Helicopter flight control assemblies and detail components. Established by some of FAS's (Fortner Accessory Service) original founders, FASCO brings over 50 years of experience to each and every repair.


FASCO has obtained the proprietary rights for several Bell 47 servo cylinder assemblies as well as exclusive FAA-PMA manufacturing and distribution rights for the top assembly and replacement detail components of the P/N 103650-6 & -7 servo cylinder. Other Bell 47 capabilities include dampers, hydraulic pumps and irreversible valves.


FASCO also holds extensive capabilities for Bell UH-1 HUEY, 204/205, 206A, 206B, 206L, 407, 212 and 412 flight control assemblies. We also have an exchange pool available for many of these units. Additionally, FASCO has the capability to repair many of the detail components, including pistons, cylinder barrels and slide & sleeve assemblies.